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Hi I have just received my order today of the Bianca white skirt and white Sindee top and white Melissa 8 clip suspender belt and a white Domenika panties . Also another set all black. Absolutely stunning VERY PLEASED VERY HAPPY. Thank you once again for all the hard work you do.

P Mitchell


I just received my second outfit - charlie maid dress with panties, suspender belt, garter and gloves, also got the giant satin sissy hair bow to go with it, and I'm totally in love with her, it is prefect in every way, fits like a dream and is super high quality, my mind was blown the first time i put her on, i just felt so right, so so pink frilly and so over the top feminine. Im already saving for my next dress hehe xx

Princess Daisy

This girl is in heaven

I just had my fully custom Classic Long Satin French Maid arrive and it fits perfectly and looks amazing. I absolutely love it Thank you and I can't wait to add to my collection

Jessica White

My fourth incredible order here!

Today my fourth order arrived. Another of you beautiful maid dresses. I chose the Arabella Dress in PVC baby pink including: Petticoat, Panty, Gloves and Choker. I love it so much! You are the reason why I become a more and more confident Sissy. Your dresses are wonderful. Every Sissy, Crossdresser, boy who does not know what is going on with him. It's not a shame to be a Girl. It's not a sahem to be feminin. This Shop and the team is here just for you to help you on your way! I am so grateful that I found this shop! Thanks so much!

Sissy Jayla

Sissy Jayla


I admit, I am obsessed. There are so many options, options that is, that I would actually want. Choosing is so hard! Twice to date, I have taken the plunge and made a decision to purchase, but to say I have not been disappointed would be a disservice. The little unexpected touches above and beyond the transaction evoke an experience, the insight into what I want before I know it and delivering it to me is sublime. You are amazing. My thanks, I offer to you all...but it is not enough.


PERFECT!! As always

I've never felt more feminine!! I've never been so happy with what I order (and I have always wondered - will it fit? will I feel as pretty wearing it as the model looks?) - and I have never been disappointed. What you see in the catalog FEELS MORE AMAZING than it looks on the models! Get the lining, maybe the long sleeves (I love them), and any accessories - you will love it. :)

I might just start reviewing everything I've gotten (dresses, lingerie, underwear, accessories, shoes... did I forget anything?) - it's all that good, and feels so nice and luxurious!!

Love to all (shaking my skirt)... special love to those who made my previous orders and will be making the one I just placed) - more details as I review more orders, but I've never been so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!



So glad I found your shop!

Absolutely amazing! I was amazed to finally find a shop with products I have been looking for and no one else sells. My first order was a single custom garment that was a test of shop. The order was perfect and exceeded my expectations. Site and communication are top notch. Product is excellent quality. I will be ordering so many more products and my bank is account is very scared...

Chris E

So Pleased

I received my order today of 2 necklace and a bracelet and I so love them. I received them within a week so happy and now to show Mistress so she can be pleased again. Thank you for such wonderful products I have ordered before and now again. I will defiantly be owning a lot of clothing and anything else i Love seeing on this Store,

Love Sondra :)

LOVE the durability/quality

Just wanted to say your product, sissy bell collar/cuff set, is OUTSTANDING both in quality and design! LOVE the durability/quality of the goods. LOVE all the goodies you have on your site. Have trust in the quality and i see care in making products as well as packaging too. You DON'T see that nowadays! AWESOME JOB! Keep up the great work


The black PVC is stunning

Hello beautiful people, thank you, again, for the delivery today. Lots of plastic panties. So nice. The black PVC is stunning and the Slippery Pink Plastic is the best plastic ever. Thank you so much.

A xxx

Great products, amazing shop

I just recieved my Yummies ABDL Panties and Luxury AB Flapsies Panties, and oh God do I love them! Super soft satin, gorgeous colors and very well made products, plus the shipping was faster than I expected. I can't wait to place a 2nd order on your amazing shop!


Like walking on a cloud

I recently bought the sissy twinkies slippers, and let me say, they are so incredibly soft and comfortable, it's like walking on a cloud. They look so beautiful that I almost don't want to put them on and possibly introduce wear and tear. Put on a pair of tights before putting these on for an even greater level of comfort and delicate feel!

Matt Wilson

Wonderful and very nice

Thank you for the wonderful and very nice Plastic Minx Micro Skirt. The plastic lining is so crinkle and sexy. Underneath with plastic pants is heavenly feeling good. Thanks xxx


Your craft is fantastic

Definitely worth the wait. Your craft is fantastic as always. Keep up the good work.


Pretty dress.

I have just received my order of a Satin Baby Bows dress in baby blue, with white trim. Usual high standard, very pleased with it, very comfortable to wear. I am wearing it now as I write this. My next order will be an Isabella dress in pretty pink and white, with a pair of lockable pansybow shoes in pretty pink to match the dress.

P Mitchell

Bubble panties

Just received my bubble panties and they are truly scrumptious. The slippery lining feels so soft and they are padded beautifully. The studs allow me to be changed like a baby. Thank you to Pel for sewing in the love.

C Ditum

Beautiful things from you

The Bolero has arrived well today. Many thanks again for your service. It fits very well. Your action encourages me even more to recommend your store to my friends and others. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. I want to buy many more beautiful things from you. Keep up the good work. Many love greetings


Shimma lingerie set

The Shimma lingerie set is absolutely adorable, so much bedtime fun!



Thank you for the Bubble Sissy Pants. First of all: It feels amazing and I like the colour combination. feels like wearing a diaper and plastic pants. This combination is THE BEST. Thankz again for making all these gorgeous plastic pants!!

A de Vette

Overall a positive experience

Everything I bought is just plain gorgeous

B Plumer

Very lovely

Hi thank you for the hairdressing gown it arrived today thank you it is very lovely.

I Webster

One big pink dream

My second order arrived a few weeks ago, I ordered everything in pink and am playing with my silk & satin wardrobe mixing up the outfits, I ordered outfits for my wife as well but dressing up in my own custom made outfits is just something that gives a new dimension to "private time"... I LOVE it....


I love my new dress!

I just received my blue satin Polka Dot French Maid Uniform yesterday and it is amazing. It feels so sexy. Thank you for the quality materials and fine craftsmanship.

J Schulz

Like being in PLASTIC HEAVEN

The Luxury AB ripples panties is so beautiful to see... and to wear. The pvc color Baby Pink is outstanding. And the slippery plastic lining feels very slippery... it's like being in PLASTIC HEAVEN. Thank you for making these incredible sexy plastic pants.


Prissy Sissy Secretary Dress

Hi, I have received my order of a Prissy Sissy Secretary Dress, in pink and white. I LOVE IT. The fit is perfect, made to a usual high standard, it's comfortable, the petticoat makes it stand out, which I love, very happy. This goes to show that it does pay dividends to take your time with the measurements, because it will fit much better if you do.
Just getting my next order ready now

P Mitchell

pvc lockable punishment pants

they are just wonderful. i feel really degraded when i lock them up and put the key into a time-control lock, maybe set the time between opening at every 12 hours. that seems suitable for a little bad boy.
Thank you very much for this great product!!!


So High, I LOVE them

I have bought many pairs of shoes from bedheels because I will admit I am totally addicted to wearing extreme arched shoes, so arched that nearly impossible to walk in but in the past I have always managed it until now! The latest pair I bought were wow, wow, wow, all my fantasies and dreams fulfilled in one shoe. The heel in the size 43 measures nearly 8", what more can a man ask that to see his feet encased in such extreme heels. My wife loves them, I love them.

I Burge

Love your shop!

I love my new Satin Nanny Blouse and Jeyna Party Skirt. I wear them all the time, always with a lacy bra & panty set and a frilly petticoat. I'm wearing them now and I feel so girly and feminine. I love shopping at your store, the fit and the quality is always excellent. Oh no, I think there's I might be stretching my new panties.

Niki CD

So beautiful

The Arabella French maid dress, the pink colour is so beautiful and the lining -plastic- feels amazing. I also like the pantie. Especially the plastic lining. You have the best plastic!!!

A de Vette

Sissy Dipsy Dress

I love this dress!!

Eliza Sissy

Jessica Sissy Dress

Hi, I just received my latest order from you and just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone there. The dress and all the accessories look and feel amazing! Really happy with them and can't wait to purchase more very soon. Thanks again!

J Lissack

Perfect Bloomers

Just what I wanted - perfect. Thank You


Really pleased

Hi, I have just received my order of a Rocia PVC party dress. Thank you so much, really pleased with it.


Very Pleased

Hi, i have just received my order yesterday of a Maia black mini dress with high waist Alana panties with suspender clips. VERY PLEASED with the dress. I had also received a previous order of a holographic pink sissy maid uniform which i love.

P Mitchell

Wonderful Product, Great Customer Service

I have hella thick calves from a lifetime of sports, and I had resigned myself to never buying shoes past my ankles. I was recommended this site when I was asking around for pony boot recommendations, and when I discovered the in-depth sizing charts, I was amazed. So, of course, I ordered a pair. And when I accidentally put in a wildly incorrect size, I was contacted to confirm if that was accurate or a mistake. When the boots arrived, they fit perfectly, and I will definitely be ordering from here next time I want another pair of shoes.


Thanks for all these beautiful products

I already received two orders from the maid store. A garter belt and two sweetness plastic popper pants. The plastic is ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL. I made 5 more other orders. Thanks for all these beautiful products, especially the ones made of PLASTIC. I am a huge lover of PLASTIC.


Quality Craftsmanship

I am so very pleased with the quality craftsmanship; I commend all the hard working sewers in the factory & deserve incentives for the fast paced quality & accuracy in getting the products to me quickly.
I'd definitely recommend taking the time with accurate body measurements; you may need to re-check on each new order. Cheers!

Dennis Hudson

New restraints, permanent wearing, my owner loves it

I received my 3 piece padded restraints and ankles restraints (all lockable) in leather, they are really great, my owner love them and i now have to wear it 24/7 except for shower time. they take their space the collar isn't super easy to sleep with but in a few days i'll get used to it, its not like i had the keys. Thank you for offering such great products to us _3

Sissy Alexia

Just love wearing these dream panties

I enjoy wearing these Little Love panties; the emphasis is on little! I love the feel and look of the satin at the front, and the back is just as gorgeous with comfortable ribbon straps showing off my bottom to its best! I love the little ribbons and miniature flower heads at the front, sides and back. A femboy's dream panties!


Satin Panties

Thank you for sending me the panties as i wanted them, high waisted and double lined in satin! They fit perfect and i love the way the way the satin lining gets caught in my bum with Satiny sensations that make me stand at attention at times making me want to pleasure my silky self! I have another order being made right now and they're will be more!



The entire Charlie French Maid ensemble (outfit, neck-piece, garter, panties, gloves) all fit amazingly. The stockings I added extra, too, were perfect.

Sarah LaFlamme

Love my new dress

Thank you sooo much for my pink Alice in Wonderland sissy dress! The quality of fabric, the craftsmanship of the seamstress and the fit are all perfect!!! I am pleased beyond words, thank you so much!!

Linda Michelle

Fantastic service

Hust received my Yellow and my Pink PVC panties they are just ever so sexy, fit perfectly and obviously really well made plus arrived well before expected. Please thank the seamstress P/e and Quality control Ann for their great attention. As usual your service is more than exceptional.

Sissy Phil

Playgirl teddy

It was one of the most exiting crossdressing moments for me so far to slip into this custom made playsuit. Opening the package felt like a rush already. The texture is so rich and soft it’s like being all captured in silk & satin I will deffinitally buy more!


I am very pleased and excited!

Wanted to tell you my Keila French Maid dress was made perfect! I've never had a dress made as perfectly, or fit me as perfectly as this. I have ordered some other dresses from you before, and they were fine, but each of those was not as perfect as this! I am very pleased and excited! It makes me want to order another dress! And I will!


Satin Fairy Dress

Absolutely love the dress, very nice material, very soft, very well made. Helps me relax and feel good. Will buy more.

David Frith


Just wanted to say thank you for the order, its perfect.


Loving my Ordered Items

So i have ordered now a few things off the site and i sooo love them as does my Mistress, so can't wait to wear them on a regular bases for Her they are so comfy and made well. With Her permission i will be ordering more!


PVC Panties

Just Received the PVC Panties & have to say they fit like a glove & as always look amazing. Can't fault the service & will definitely be back for more!! ;)

Andy G

Again a perfect process

The dress is beautiful. Again your service worked perfectly. Now I have the chance to fulfill my dream of becoming a Sissy. Thank you so much!

Sissy Jennifer